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The COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately affected women and girls, harming their health, agency, mobility and economic independence. We
validated the needs of vulnerable menstruators at the onset of the pandemic and discovered that a majority were significantly less likely to access menstrual and sexual reproductive health services and products, increasing their risk of associated health disorders.

These findings led to the launch of Hello Saathi, a free menstrual and reproduction health (MHH & SRH) telehealth platform that provides men and menstruators of all ages access to:

One month IVR subscription of MHH & SRH tips on topics of your choice
Credible MHH & SRH counsel via our trained male and female helpline assistants
MHH & SRH telemedicine consultations, follow-ups and digital prescriptions

Hello Saathi Impact

Alongside timely access to healthcare and education, the helpline aspires to our vision of reducing gender inequity by enabling men with knowledge and safe spaces to address stigma around their own sexual reproductive health, thereby encouraging them to build supportive environments for menstruators in their family.

By design, marginalised urban and rural communities without access to smartphones are able to connect to Hello Saathi with complete anonymity from the privacy of their homes.

Currently the helpline is available in Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Kannada, complementing our community and schools programme PeriodShala to sustain access to safe spaces and advice beyond our grassroots programmes.

Health Education
Incoming Calls & Safe
Spaces Created
Trained Helpline

Slide With her father’s support, Mamta rang the helpline and received information about menstrual biology, nutrition, hygiene. When offered a free doctor’s consultation, Mamta shared that she had seen doctors in the past but nothing changed. The Aarogya Saathi helpline assistant facilitated the telemedicine consultation and Mamta was encouraged to get a couple of tests done. She received a follow-up call and remained in touch with the doctor to understand her menstrual cycle better.

Piyush shared how happy he was that Aarogya Saathi could provide Mamta with access to a doctor and a support system, at no cost.
Piyush lives in rural Bihar where access to doctors is limited. He called Aarogya Saathi to help his 17 year old daughter, Mamta, understand her irregular period.
Slide Sana (name changed for anonymity) is an 18 year old menstruator and new mother from a low income community in Bhopal. The Aarogya Saathi helpline assistant shared the importance of hygienic menstrual practices and information around the range of menstrual products available, encouraging Sana to make an informed choice that suited her needs. A couple of months later, Sana called the helpline to share how happy she is since switching to the menstrual cup. Over time her confidence grew and she no longer experienced rashes during her period. She shared her gratitude for Aarogya Saathi and the assistant who gave her a safe space to share her challenges. Sana called the helpline to describe the painful pimples and itching she was experiencing on her thighs and genital area. Despite using pads and trying medication from the pharmacy, she had seen no improvement.

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